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Receive your deliveries at home even when you're not.


Know when your packages are safely delivered.


Rest assured knowing that you deliveries are secure.

Meet Jeffrie

Have you ever ordered something that was just too important to be left on your doorstep? Or maybe being at work or away from home makes you frequently miss packages. The inconvenience of waiting for redelivery or picking up the package at the Post Office defeats the purpose of choosing home delivery. Jeffrie was born to alleviate these issues. Jeffrie is the modern doorman, when convenience matters!

How Does He Work?

Jeffrie hangs over any standard exterior door and is idea for those important deliveries that can't be left at your doorstep. Jeffrie has an insulated compartment for temperature control of items such as groceries, and a one-way drawer for secure package drop-off. It even has a smart lock enabled by wireless technology to ensure your items are secure. One of Jeffrie’s benefits is that it is removable, so you only hang it over the door when you are expecting a package. It will keep your deliveries secure right at your doorstep even when you’re not home.

Jeffrie also has a companion app. The app component allows you to open the box with the touch of a button, notifies you of when to put out Jeffrie on delivery day, sends you delivery confirmation, and alerts you to relevant deals that help you save money and time. Jeffrie is the next step in at home convenience. What the credit card did for shopping, the Jeffrie will do for home delivery.

Jeffrie is currently undergoing closed beta testing. It is offered through key partnerships in the Northeast region.